Monday, 26 September 2011

Tora Judo Kai Adult Beginners' Course

Thursday 22nd September saw the start of a 10 week Adult Beginners Course held at Tora Judo Kai's Pill Dojo. This was part a British Judo Association backed initiative to encourage adults to start the martial art and Olympic Sport. Eight brave new beginners signed up to start the course. The session was ran by Sensei's Steve Chappell, Judy and Natasha Maslen. The New Judoka were introduced to fundamental skills of judo including breakfalling, balance and posture. The throwing technique of O-Soto-O-Toshi was practiced as an aid to help with the introduction of breakfalls. We ended the session with fun game activities related to the techniques from the class.

Coaches and students alike left the mat with a smile on their faces vowing to return for the next session the following week.

We will keep you updated with their progress as they work towards a Red belt grading at the conclusion of the course.

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