Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tora Judo Kai - Low Grade competition 2013

Tora Judo Kai's popular Low Grade competition will take place on Sunday 6th October at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, and the closing date is Thursday 3rd October.

The competition is open to Juniors aged from 6 years to 15 years of age who are orange belt and below (grade should be 7th mon / orange belt with no tabs only), and Seniors graded at green belt and below.

Click here to download or print a copy of the entry form

Venue: Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, Harbour Road, Portishead BS20 7DD
Closing date for entries: Thursday 3rd October

Juniors: At least 6 years old, and less than 16 years old on the day. No armlocks or strangles. Orange belt (no tabs or 7th mon only) and under on the day

Seniors: Green Belt and below, minimum age 16 years

Pools in groups less than 8 players, knockout for groups of 8 or more players.
Wins over points
Championship controller has the right to amalgamate weights.
Clean correct fitting white judogi to be worn NOT karate gi
Head referee's word is final in all fighting enquiries
No entries allowed on the day
No National Squad players or Area Medalists

Categories: Girls & Boys
Under 25kg, u30kg, u35kg, u40kg, u45kg, u50kg, u55kg, u60kg, u65kg, over 65kg

Weigh in: Juniors
8.30am - 9am for u40kg and below; 9am - 9.30am for all remaining juniors
Seniors: weigh in 12 noon. Categories to be decided on receipt of entries.

Entry fee: 
Juniors BBK members £8.00 per entry / Non members £9.50 per entry
Seniors: BBK members £12.00 per entry / Non members £13.50 per entry

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