Monday, 5 December 2011

Grading results - December 2011

Congratulations to everyone who graded at Pill Dojo on Sunday. The results were as follows:


Jamie Judd
White + 2 Y
Daisy Player
White + 3 Y
Becky Akbar
White + 3 Y
Emily Bell
White + 2 Y
White + 3 Y
Martha Harris
White + 2 Y
White + 3 Y
Tom Kessler
Yellow + 2 O
Yellow + 3 O
Sam Kessler
Orange + 1 G
Tom Eden Bull
Orange + 1 G
Jordan Brailsford
Yellow + 1 O
Yellow + 2 O
Liam Brailsford
Orange + 1 G
Ben Ellard
Orange + 1 G
Matthew Wise
Yellow + 2 O
Howard Carn
Yellow + 2 O
Miles Carn
Yellow + 2 O
Lyle Hopkins
Novice (snr)
Yellow (snr)

Lewis Hepburn
Yawara Kwai
White (6th Kyu)
Yellow (5th Kyu)
Ian Llewellin
Yawara Kwai
Yellow (5th Kyu)
Lisa Burridge
Yawara Kwai
White (6th Kyu)
Dave Turner
Yawara Kwai
Yellow (5th Kyu)
Orange (4th Kyu)
Dravan Powe
Yawara Kwai
White (6th Kyu)
Yellow (5th Kyu)

No judo at Crockerne - Monday 5 December

There will be no judo at Crockerne school today because the school is closed due to the burst water main in the village

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Beginners' course - weeks 4 and 5

Weeks 4 and 5 have been quite eventful and fun.  We managed to cover the last of the techniques required for the 10 week course with all having a good understanding of tachi waza (standing) techniques and ne waza (groundwork) techniques.
On week 5 we had a full house with all 8 members being on the mat at the same time.  We practiced all the tachi waza stood still then on the move, it was a pleasure to see the dedication by all judoka (judo players). It was now time to try some randori (free practice)  – after emphasising this is not competition and to practice at the level of your partner. All judoka participated with enthusiasm – some more than others I hasten to add – and all performed to a surprisingly high standard.
Well done to you all – I’m really enjoying running these lessons and thanks to Rebecca for being there to assist me. Judy Maslen

Sunday, 6 November 2011

High Wycombe

Well done to Judy Maslen fighting extremely well at High Wycombe and gaining 37 points towards her BJA 3rd Dan, winning all of her fights. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October final rankings

After a good weekend at the Welsh open Natasha managed to achieve enough points to place her 7th in the senior women rankings for u/70s. Congratulations to her, a lot of hard work paying off. Currently Natasha is placed first in junior England squad and second in the GB.
Renz is currently fifth in England and 9th in GB.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welsh Age Band Open - Juniors and Seniors

The cadet and juniors were up first on Saturday, where Renz was called up from Tora Judo Kai, where he took the bronze medal showing a better performance than the previous week.  Natasha didn’t perform to her usual standard on Saturday and did not get a medal. However on the Sunday competing in the senior women event Natasha came back fighting where she achieved the bronze medal. Judy was once again there for support and coach, a key member to the team on the weekend and all players would like to thank her. Some good judo was seen on both days and Mark once again refereed at a high standard and received good feedback towards his national referring BJA A grade.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Natasha Maslen gold medal in Scottish Open

Natasha Maslen competed at the Scottish Open in Ravenscraig, Motherwell. After beating two Swedish players and a rival, Natasha took the gold medal in the junior category. Natasha was to fight on the Sunday in the senior category but unfortunately had to pull out due to a previous injury. Matside was Judy Maslen coaching and supporting Natasha.

Plymouth Open - 22-23 October

The same weekend as the Scottish Open, Renz Vallejera was competing a little closer to home at the Plymouth Open. Concentrating on grip work, Renz took the silver medal. With him was Mark Maslen who refereed and coached on the day.
Also competing at this competition was Chloe Robyns-Landricombe from Tora Judo Kai - Lanson judo club. Chloe performed exceptionally well and came home with the gold medal.

Monday, 17 October 2011

British and Commonwealth Judo Champion's Course

Saturday 5th November

11am to 5pm
Scotch Horn Leisure Centre
BS48 1BZ
Bring food fluids and lots of energy

Under 16s minimum donation £5.00, 16 and over minimum donation £10.00

Sensei Samantha Lowe is interrupting her busy training schedule to come to Shidokai dojo and run a one day judo course with something for everyone.

Samantha has had her funding withdrawn through no fault of her own and is having to fund her own life and training in order to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games next year where she is one of our strongest hope for a gold in the judo so the day is a major fundraiser for Sam's fighting fund so we need as many judoka on the mat as possible.

Training times are to be announced.

To book your place e mail

Sunday, 16 October 2011

British Championships - 15 October

Renz Vallejera and Natasha Maslen travelled to Sheffield once again to compete at the 2011 British championships. Renz performed at a very high standard winning two fights by Ippons however he did not medal. Natasha started off convincingly winning the first 2 fights by Ippon taking her into the semi final. Natasha lost this fight to the one who eventually took the gold medal. She bounced back winning her repechage and getting the bronze medal.
At the competition Mark Maslen refereed all weekend. This competition was one of many where he is being assessed for his BJA A refereeing level. Like usual he had positive feedback. Well done to our coach Judy Maslen.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Adults Beginners Course - weeks 2 and 3

We have had two more successful training session at the Adults Beginners Course at Tora Judo Kai with Sensei Judy Maslen. All participants have returned each week to continue their journey of learning the basics of judo. We have progressed to learning two throws - O Soto O Toshi and De Ashi Barai and two holds – Kesa Gatame and Mune Gatame, being able to do the throws and following into the groundwork holds.  The players then had a go at trying the throws on the move and realised that it’s not as easy as it looks! They are all really enthusiastic so we ran the lesson this week for an extra half hour finishing as usual with a game (sorry a judo related activity).  Well done to all of you and see you at the next lesson.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Last minute spaces for the Autumn weekend

There are two caravans available for the Autumn training weekend at Littlesea, Weymouth. The cost is from £119.

See for details

Book directly by calling the holiday park on 01305 774414 (7 days a week) and speaking with either Lisa or Fiona, quoting 'Bushido'

No training at Pill - Friday 14th October

There will be no training session at the Pill Dojo on Friday 14th October because the mats are being taken to Littlesea in Weymouth for the Autumn course. Training will be held as normal on Friday 21st October.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

TJK Low Grade Competition

Thanks to everyone who competed and supported the competitors in today's Tora Judo Kai Low Grade Competition in Portishead.

The results were as follows:

Under 25g Girls:
Gold - Jessica Reeves, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Edith Powell, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Rosie Powell, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Imogen Conway, Patchway Judo Club

Under 25g Boys:
Gold - Jay Akbar, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Bradley Timbrell, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 30kg Girls:
Gold - Tatum Keen, Team Bath
Silver - Lucy England, Patchway Judo Club
Bronze - Lauren Hill, Sea Mills
Bronze - Safira Taplin, Patchway Judo Club

Under 30kg Boys:
Gold - Joseph Andrews, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Tom Frost, Sakura Bana Kwai
Bronze - Brandon Jones, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Quaid Wilson, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 35kg Girls:
Gold - Rowan Hill, Sea Mills
Silver - Becky Akbar, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Charlie Plenty, Patchway Judo Club

Under 35kg Boys:
Gold - Ozzy Gowen, Yate Star
Silver - Lewis Ashton-Farr, Team Bath
Bronze - James Wishart, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Ethan Boland White, Shepton Mallet

Under 40kg Boys:
Gold - Mark Arsac, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Christopher Wynne-Joyce, Renzoku
Bronze - Finlay Norton, Patchway Judo Club
Bronze - Sam Lloyd Hall, Tora Judo Kai

Under 45kg Girls:
Gold - Megan Robinson, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Zoe Okoye, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Eleanor Young, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Tia Janes, Shepton Mallet

Under 45kg Boys:
Gold - Ryan Guest, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Isaac Matthews, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Ethan Foot, Shepton Mallet
Bronze - Tom Kessler, Tora Judo Kai

Under 50kg Boys:
Gold - James Perry, Shepton Mallet
Silver - Kane Hill, Sea Mills

Under 55kg Boys:
Gold - Charlie Bright, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Connor Hammond, Shidokai

Under 65kg Boys:
Gold - Chris Field, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Harvey Spreckelsen-Brown, Bath Judo Kwai

Senior Women:
Gold - Chloe Robyns-Landricome, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Judith Ogden, Tora Judo Kai

Senior Men:
Gold - Tony Conway, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Sam Brown, Bath Judo Kwai
Bronze - Robert Pollard, Bradley Stoke

Monday, 26 September 2011

Tora Judo Kai Adult Beginners' Course

Thursday 22nd September saw the start of a 10 week Adult Beginners Course held at Tora Judo Kai's Pill Dojo. This was part a British Judo Association backed initiative to encourage adults to start the martial art and Olympic Sport. Eight brave new beginners signed up to start the course. The session was ran by Sensei's Steve Chappell, Judy and Natasha Maslen. The New Judoka were introduced to fundamental skills of judo including breakfalling, balance and posture. The throwing technique of O-Soto-O-Toshi was practiced as an aid to help with the introduction of breakfalls. We ended the session with fun game activities related to the techniques from the class.

Coaches and students alike left the mat with a smile on their faces vowing to return for the next session the following week.

We will keep you updated with their progress as they work towards a Red belt grading at the conclusion of the course.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Natasha Maslen - Bath University

Natasha Maslen goes to Bath University next week to study Sports Performance. There she will be training full time with advanced Judo players and high performance coaches. We will miss her at club training sessions but look forward to the skills and techniques she can bring back with her from her studies.
Best of luck from everyone at Tora Judo Kai with this fantastic opportunity.

Sunday 18th September - British National Kata Championships 2011

Sensei Paul Hepburn and Sensei Steve Chappell competed at the British National Kata Competition 2011 at Kendal Judo Centre in Cumbria. They return from the Event with Bronze Medals in Katame No Kata (formal ground based grappling techniques) and as Gold Medallists and National Champions in Nage No Kata (formal throwing techniques).

Welsh Closed Championships

Mark Maslen was busy officiating in Wales, refereeing at the Welsh Closed. As usual, Mark refereed at a very high standard whilst representing his club.

BJA Grading

Rebecca Maslen entered a BJA Grading at High Wycombe, Judo Centre. Despite injury, she managed to gain 20 points towards her BJA Second Dan leaving her with only 60 points to go. Sensei Judy Maslen supported and lent her expertise to officiate on the table.

England Squad Training - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September

Two members of Tora Judo Kai attended England Squad training in Walsall over the weekend. Natasha Maslen (Saturday) and Renz Vallerja (Sunday) worked hard and earned compliments from the England Squad coaches for ability and dedication.

Saturday 17th September - Preparation 4 Performance (P4P) Workshop

Renz Vallerja and Sam Kessler attended the fourth Preparation 4 Performance (P4P) at Ashton Park School where they worked very hard learning from the BJA Western Area Technical Advisor and ex- German National coach, Sandra Klinger.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Heart of England competition – 10th/11th September

It was another busy weekend at Walsall Campus where the first big competition of the year started. On the Saturday, Renz Vallerja competed in the boys C band in the under 55 category where there were a total of 24 competitors. Renz won 1 fight and lost 2 fights placing him in seventh place.
On the Sunday Natasha Maslen was competing in the girls D band in the under 70 category where there were a total of 12 competitors which is a big group for girls. Natasha won 3 fights and lost won. Despite Natasha being unwell, she was able to beat a rival for the first time. Natasha gained the bronze medal. Due to her being ill the week before, Natasha pulled out of the senior category.  Well done to both Renz and Natasha who, as always, showed their skill of a high standard.
All weekend Mark Maslen was there refereeing from 8am  until 7.30pm, which is a very long day to be refereeing. Like our competitors, Mark showed off his high skill at what he does and shows that Tora Judo Kai has competitors and officials. Well done Mark. 
On behalf of the players, I would like to thank Sensei Judy Maslen who coached and supported all our players the entire weekend. 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Adult beginners' 10-week course - September 2011

Thursday 22nd September to Thursday 24th November inclusive from 7 - 8pm
Pill Dojo, The Poplars, Easton in Gordano, North Somerset BS20 0DH

Tora Judo Kai is launching an adult beginners' 10-week course. The course fee of £60 includes a new judo suit, a 4-month British Judo Association membership (including insurance) and a grading at the end of the course, working towards your red belt. You don't need to have done any judo before, and it's open to men and women.

Sign up and pay online now by clicking here! Select the course 'Tora Judo Kai, Pill' from the drop-down list.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Clive Taylor Open Kata Championship

Steve Chappell and Paul Hepburn entered the Annual Clive Taylor Open Kata Championship at Samurai Judo Club in Kidderminster on Sunday 24th July. They achieved Gold Medals in the Katame no Kata and Nage no Kata sections. Great feedback was received from the examiners with the encouragement that they should be aiming for a medal placement at the British Kata Championships in September.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Changes at TJK Kingswood

Work is being done on the St Stephens Infants Hall in Kingswood. Saturday classes will temporarily move to the Hanham Dojo on the following dates:-

Hanham DoJo - Small Hall
John Wesley Memorial Church Hall
Bryant's Hill

23rd July
30th July
6th Aug
13th Aug
20th Aug
27th Aug
3rd Sept

11am - 12 noon Judo
12 noon - 1pm Ju-Jitsu

The times will become the permanent times for the club moving forward.

Monday, 11 July 2011

West of England Open

The day after the teams, Natasha Maslen and Renz Vallerja competed at the West of England Youth and Senior Open. Natasha won her two fights giving her the gold medal in the seniors also getting some senior ranking points. Renz won two and lost two placing him in fifth. Well done to both once again.

Mark Maslen refereed again. The day before he was in Sheffield where he had an oral test where he got 20 out of 20 and to top this he was told by a senior referee that he was above average. At the West of England he showed everyone, again, that he is an amazing referee and proved that he is ready to go for his national refereeing level.

Tora Judo Kai grading results

Congratulations to everyone who graded successfully on Sunday 10th July. The new grades are as follows:

Blue Belt (2nd Kyu):
Micheal Keepin
Dave Wheeler
Andy Baker

Orange Belt (4th Kyu):
Gary Williams

Yellow Belt (5th Kyu):
Jordan Cox

White Belt (6th Kyu):
Dravan Powe

Adam  Braden: Yellow belt
Michael Keepin: Green belt

Bailey Grimstead: Yellow
Emily Bell: White + 2 tabs
Howard Carn: Yellow
Miles Carn: Yellow
Martha Harris: White + 2 tabs
Daisy Player: White + 3 tabs
Becky Akbar: White + 3 tabs
Matthew Wise: Yellow
Liam Brailsford: Orange
Faith Byrne: Orange
Ben Ellard: Orange
Stephanie Grandon: Orange
Sam Kessler: Orange
Tom Kessler: Yellow + 2 tabs
Jack Keepin: Orange
Tom Eden Bull: Orange
Aaron Llewellin: Orange + 2 tabs
Rebecca Dawrant: Orange + 2 tabs

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Competition news

Bedminster Youth and Seniors
On the 3rd of July there was another competition at Bedminster Judo Club. Natasha Maslen did a brilliant job as head referee whilst Rebecca Maslen fought in the youths gaining a gold medal.

The National Team Championships
Renz Vallejera, Natasha Maslen and Rebecca Maslen travelled to Sheffield as part of the West of Area team. Renz was selected out of many to be reserve for the Under 50 junior boys team. Rebecca was selected to fight in the Under 63 junior girls team with Natasha in Under 70s. The western area junior boys team came back with a bronze medal and so did the junior girls team.  Judy Maslen was there with the other Western Area coaching team, coaching and supporting all of the players. Well done to all of them for being selected and contributing to the great team spirit.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Kent International competition report - 25/26 June

The Kent International lasted an entire weekend. On Saturday we had one competitor, Renz Vallejera, and two officials. Mark Maslen once again refereed and Rebecca Maslen was working on the tables. Despite the extreme heat, Renz fought amazingly well and took the well deserved gold medal having won all of his fights by ippon including beating other three England Squad members. Well done Renz.

Day two at the Kent International, Mark and Rebecca continued to officiate through the high temperatures. Natasha Maslen competed in the seniors. Her first fight was up against an old rival who is in the England’s Talented Squad and Natasha beat her by ippon in a few seconds. Unfortunately, Natasha lost her second fight but was still put through to the semi finals where she met another competitor who she always fights and wins against. After winning the semi finals, she met the girl she lost to. Natasha unfortunately lost but it was a success as the woman was very experienced at the age of 36. To top this, Natasha received her last 20 points towards her 2nd Dan (BJA), so she only needs to complete the theory. Well done Natasha.

It was a long, hot, sticky weekend but the two competitors and officials did exceptionally well and once again did themselves and their club proud. On behalf of the competitors I would like to thank Judy Maslen who once again coached and supported our players the whole weekend.

Bedminster Competition report - 11 June 2011

We had four officials and four competing at this junior and youth event, with Mark Maslen and Natasha Maslen refereeing and Rebecca Dawrant and Rebecca Maslen working on the tables. Chloe and Daniel Robyns-Landricobe from Lanson Judo had a very good day at their first BJA competition. Chloe took the silver after some hard fights in her weight category and Daniel took the bronze, also a hard group. Renz Vallejera, from Pill, competed in the junior event taking the gold while Rebecca, also from Pill, took the gold in the youth event.

Well done to all who fought and officiated - you did Tora Judo Kai and yourselves proud. A special thank you to Judy Maslen who was coaching and supporting all the players.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

TJK competition - results

Congratulations to everyone who came and took part in the Tora Judo Kai interclub competition at the Pill dojo this morning. There was some excellent judo from all categories from the under 25s who had some fantastic fights, up to the seniors. All the judoka conducted themselves very well and supported each other in their fights. The next competition will be held on Saturday 10th September.

Under 25kg
1st - gold: Danny Bennett (Oasis)
2nd - silver: Edith Powell (Pill)
3rd - bronze: Jay Aklar (Hanham)
4th - bronze: Ariel Rugman (Crockerne)
5th - bronze: Evie Harris (Pill)
6th - bronze: Rosie Powell (Hanham)

Over 35kg Boys

1st - gold: Tom Kessler (Pill)
2nd - silver: Bailey Grimstead (Oasis)
3rd - bronze: Matthew Wise (Oasis)

Under 50kg mixed
1st - gold: Daisy Player (Hanham)
2nd - silver: Martha Harris (Pill)
3rd - bronze: Dexter Levett (Hanham)

Under 50kg Girls
1st - gold: Emily Bell (Pill)
2nd - silver: Becky Aklar (Hanham)

Gold: Jordan Cox (Hanham)
Silver: Lewis Hepburn (Pill)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Interclub Competition - Saturday 25 June

The next Interclub Competition takes place at the Pill Dojo - St John Ambulance Hall, The Poplars, Easton in Gordano - on Saturday 25th June. Registration is from 9.30am, so come along for some great competition practice.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Samurai High Grades competition - 19 June

Rebecca Maslen went to the Samurai High Grades competition where she had three fights winning two and losing one. Her first fight was won by an ippon throw only a minute into the contest. Second, unfortunately she lost after stopping the fight after having a bit of a bash. But in the third fight she came back to win by ippon in only ten seconds. As well as getting the silver medal, she also gained 20 points towards her 2nd Dan (BJA).

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sending best wishes to Sensei Roy Hancock

Sensei Roy Hancock is in hospital at the moment - everyone at Tora Judo Kai would like to wish him a speedy recovery

Monday, 4 April 2011

South West Squad Contest Training

The next South West Squad contest training day will be held on Sunday 8th May at The Campus, Highlands Lane, Weston Super Mare, BS24 7DX. Registration is from 1.30pm and the training runs from 2pm until 4pm. Attendance is required if you wish to be considered for a place in the squad. The cost is £7.50. For more information please contact Ian Llewellin on 07836 619600 or Lisa Chapman on 0772 5197682

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sending best wishes to Dave Turner

Everyone at Tora Judo Kai sends best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dave Turner following a serious throat injury. Get better soon Dave

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tora Judo Kai Invitational Competition - results

Thank you to everyone involved in a fantastic day's competition at the Tora Judo Kai Invitational today - all the officials, competitors, helpers, coaches, supporters and spectactors. The full results are:


Under 30kg
Gold: Toni Malone - Torquay Judokwai
Silver: Stacey Malone - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Charlotte Sudol - Shidokan
Bronze: Casey Alexander - Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 35kg
Gold: Georgia Doe - Carn Brae Judo Club
Silver: Megan McMillan - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Natasha Mallin - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Victoria Hodgson - Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 40kg
Gold: Steph Walker - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Chloe Gowen - Yate Star
Bronze: Hayley Walter - Devon Judo Centre

Under 45kg
Gold: Josie Sparks - Patchway Judo Club
Silver: Nina Wilkinson - Kingsley School
Bronze: Molly Wheeler - Patchway Judo Club

Under 50kg
Gold: Tasha Okoye - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Steph Walker - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Amy Moggeridge - Yate Star
Bronze: Beth Avery - Yawara Kwai

Under 55kg
Gold: Shannon Stevenson - Notts County
Silver: Chloe Robyn-Landricombe - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Megan Felton - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Charlotte Walter - Devon Judo Centre

Under 60kg
Gold: Lele Nairne - Weston-Super-Mare
Silver: Laura Birks - Bath University
Bronze: Sadie Harriot - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Amy Oram - Patchway Judo Club

Youths 14-17 years
Gold: Lorna Gibbins - Patchway
Silver: Kelly Wilson - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Laura Birks - Bath University
Bronze: Lisa Ivey - Carn Brae Judo Club


Under 25kg
Gold: Tom Frost - Sakura Bana Kwai
Silver: Ben Mitchell - Carn Brae Judo Club
Bronze: Rhys Williamson - Sakura Bana Kwai
Bronze: Joe Harvey - Tora Judo Kai

Under 30kg
Gold: Toby Attwood - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Denver Butterworth - Kingsley School
Bronze: James Wishart - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Joseph Andrews - Bradley Stoke

Under 35kg
Gold: Ryan Doughty - Carn Brae Judo Club
Silver: Callum Osbourne - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Connor Wiltshire - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Finley Norton - Patchway Judo Club

Under 40kg
Gold: Zac Holman - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Isaac Matthews - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Harvey Ironside - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Addo Kwabena - Devon Judo Centre

Under 45kg
Gold: Charlie Taylor - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Aaron Llewellin - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Nigel Stella - Kingsley School
Bronze: Jack Keepin - Tora Judo Kai

Under 50kg
Gold: Renz Vallejera - Tora Judo Kai
Silver: Peter Miles - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Jay Magson - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Chris Nicol - Devon Judo Centre

Under 55kg
Gold: Ben Attwood - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Alex Mallin - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Matthew Wheeldon - Bristol Judo
Bronze: Charlie Bright - Patchway Judo Club

Under 60kg
Gold: Oliver Mathers - Kingsley School
Silver: Sam Kessler - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Bailey Grimsted - Tora Judo Kai

Under 65kg
Gold: Matthew Warren - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Reece Peacock - Patchway
Bronze: Aaron Burnham - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Ben Couston - Devon Judo Centre

Over 65kg
Gold: Jack Bond - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Damon Smith - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Joseph Wicketts - Kingsley

Youth 14-17 years under 63kg
Gold: Peter Miles - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Renz Vallejera - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Chris Fields - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Jay Magson - Torquay Judokwai

Youth 14-17 years over 63kg
Gold: Ashley Mathias - Bristol Judo
Silver: Jack Bond - Devon Judo
Bronze: Alex Bright - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Jonathan Zabel - Kingsley School


Senior Women Open
Gold: Louise Kirby - Shidokai
Silver: Katie Broom - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Nicola Cartwright - Notts County
Bronze: Judith Ogden - Tora Judo Kai

Men - Low grade low weight
Gold: Adam Penkala - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Jono Warren - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Kane Herbert - Devon Judo Centre

Men - Low grade high weight
Gold: Andy Baker - Tora Judo Kai
Silver: Mick Keepin - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Steve Passmore - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Dan Miller - Tora Judo Kai

Men - Mid grade
Gold: Ross Ashton - Kingsley School
Silver: Mitchel Osbourne - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Graham Evans - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Simon Mathers - Kingsley School

Men - High grade open
Gold: Ashley Mathias - Bristol Judo
Silver: Sam Moggeridge - Yate Star
Bronze: Luke Tavener - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Richard Bennett - Yate Star

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tora Judo Kai Invitational Competition - Sunday 20th March

Our invitational competition takes place on Sunday and is always a fantastic day.

Any help from members and parents to move mats and chairs around on the Saturday and afterwards will be gratefully accepted. Please let Sensei Judy Maslen know if you can help.
We also need donations for the raffle - please see Sensei Judy Maslen or email

Judo at the Olympics - London 2012

The judo competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London runs from Saturday 28th July to Friday 3rd August. Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 20 for group-stage competition, and a maximum of six for the repechages, finals and medal ceremonies.

We suggest, therefore, that everyone who is interested in going applies for tickets themselves (as a family, or in self-organised groups) in Category C for the session on the morning of TUESDAY 31st JULY 2012, to watch the Men's -81kg and Women's -66kg elimination rounds and quarter finals. Nearer the time we can arrange travelling together as a club by coach or public transport.

Tickets in Category C are £35 for adults, £16 for seniors (aged 60 or over on 27.7.12) and 'pay your age' for young people aged 16 or under (based on their age on 27.7.12).

You need to apply for tickets before 11.59pm on 26th April 2011 via the London 2012 website.

If you have any questions or difficulties please email

You can view the judo schedule by clicking here