Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Congratulations to Sensei Neil Andrews

Congratulations to Sensei Neil Andrews, Director of Karate for Bushido Budo Kai, who achieved promotion to 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate on Sunday.

His grading was an arduous test of physical and mental stamina covering chritera such as technical ability, Kumite, Kata and ability to teach.

Sensei Andrews started Karate 21 years ago following some trouble on a night out leadinging him to search for a method of defending himself.

His passion and dedication to the Art has lead him to realise the other qualities that the study of Shotokan Karate can bring: self discipline, control, flexibility, fitness, responsibility and respect for himself and those around him.

You can find out more about Shotokan Karate and Sensei Andrews at www.bskkarate.com

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas dates for Tora Judo Kai clubs

These are the Christmas closing dates for the Tora Judo Kai clubs:

Oasis - last session 18 December, restarting 8 January
Crockerne - last session 17 December, restarting 7 January
Pill (Thursday evenings) - last session 20 December, restarting 3 January
Pill (Friday evenings) - last session 14 December, restarting 11 January
Hanham - last session 19 December, restarting 16 January
Kingswood - last session 15 December, restarting 13 January
Lanson - last session 14 December, restarting 11 January

Monday, 3 December 2012

Grading results

Thank you so much for everyone’s contribution to Sunday's grading. Everyone can be proud of their performances on the day and I am particularly pleased with the high technical standard.

The grades awarded were as follows:

Judo (juniors)
Tom Eden Bull - Orange + 3
Howard Carn - Orange + 2
Miles Carn - Orange + 2
Tom Kessler - Orange + 2
Matthew Wise - Orange + 2
Connor Hill - White + 3
Tristan Wren - Yellow + 3
Jamie Judd - Yellow
Jo Eden Bull - White + 2
Steffan Plaw - White + 2
Thomas Bradley - White + 1
Chris Bretton - White + 1
Sam Bretton - White + 1
Edith Powell - White + 1
James Thomas - White + 1

Judo (seniors)
Iain Bruce - Sho Dan
Renz Vallejera - Sho Dan
Lewis Hepburn - Brown
Lizzie Foley - Blue
Chloe Robyns-Landricombe - Blue
Jon Whittingham - Green
Phil Whittingham - Green
Chantelle Hooper - Orange
Kelly Hughes - Orange
Danny Kendall - Orange
Bethanie Withers - Orange
Rod Wren - Orange
Russ Hacker - Yellow
James Maslen - Yellow
Darren Robbins - Yellow

Neil Andrews - Green
Ian Llewellin - Green
Draven Powe - Green
Danny Kendell - White
James Maslen - White

It is with great pride that I welcome two new Judo Sho Dans to the fold. I am extremely happy for them but can temper that by knowing the responsibility and expectation that is placed on their shoulders. Now the hard work really starts.

The icing on the cake was to have senior members from our association Bushido Budo Kai visit Pill Dojo to watch and give feedback on the grading. Special thanks to Senseis Paul Leavey, Rod Hayward and Neil Andrews.

Sensei Steve Chappell