Friday, 1 November 2013

Judo & ju-jitsu grading

The next grading for both Judo and Ju-jitsu will take place at Hanham Dojo on Sunday 8th December.

Registration Times:
Juniors Novice – Orange + 3 (please be ready to get onto the mat at 10am sharp)

11.30 -12 noon 
Juniors Green and above and all Seniors (please be ready to get onto the mat at 12 noon)
Junior Grades £7
Senior Grades £10
Dan Grading £15
BJA Ratification where required £7.50

Membership Books and Grading Records

Please ensure all Tora Judo Kai membership is up to date and paid before the grading, and that membership books are brought with them. No Grading Book = No Grading!

Please confirm names of those attending, to me, by no later than Saturday 30th November along with a note of their current grade and Grading Fee.

Hanham Dojo
John Wesley Memorial Hall
Bryants Hill