Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tora Judo Kai Invitational Competition - results

Thank you to everyone involved in a fantastic day's competition at the Tora Judo Kai Invitational today - all the officials, competitors, helpers, coaches, supporters and spectactors. The full results are:


Under 30kg
Gold: Toni Malone - Torquay Judokwai
Silver: Stacey Malone - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Charlotte Sudol - Shidokan
Bronze: Casey Alexander - Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 35kg
Gold: Georgia Doe - Carn Brae Judo Club
Silver: Megan McMillan - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Natasha Mallin - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Victoria Hodgson - Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 40kg
Gold: Steph Walker - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Chloe Gowen - Yate Star
Bronze: Hayley Walter - Devon Judo Centre

Under 45kg
Gold: Josie Sparks - Patchway Judo Club
Silver: Nina Wilkinson - Kingsley School
Bronze: Molly Wheeler - Patchway Judo Club

Under 50kg
Gold: Tasha Okoye - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Steph Walker - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Amy Moggeridge - Yate Star
Bronze: Beth Avery - Yawara Kwai

Under 55kg
Gold: Shannon Stevenson - Notts County
Silver: Chloe Robyn-Landricombe - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Megan Felton - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Charlotte Walter - Devon Judo Centre

Under 60kg
Gold: Lele Nairne - Weston-Super-Mare
Silver: Laura Birks - Bath University
Bronze: Sadie Harriot - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Amy Oram - Patchway Judo Club

Youths 14-17 years
Gold: Lorna Gibbins - Patchway
Silver: Kelly Wilson - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Laura Birks - Bath University
Bronze: Lisa Ivey - Carn Brae Judo Club


Under 25kg
Gold: Tom Frost - Sakura Bana Kwai
Silver: Ben Mitchell - Carn Brae Judo Club
Bronze: Rhys Williamson - Sakura Bana Kwai
Bronze: Joe Harvey - Tora Judo Kai

Under 30kg
Gold: Toby Attwood - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Denver Butterworth - Kingsley School
Bronze: James Wishart - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Joseph Andrews - Bradley Stoke

Under 35kg
Gold: Ryan Doughty - Carn Brae Judo Club
Silver: Callum Osbourne - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Connor Wiltshire - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Finley Norton - Patchway Judo Club

Under 40kg
Gold: Zac Holman - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Isaac Matthews - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Harvey Ironside - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Addo Kwabena - Devon Judo Centre

Under 45kg
Gold: Charlie Taylor - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Aaron Llewellin - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Nigel Stella - Kingsley School
Bronze: Jack Keepin - Tora Judo Kai

Under 50kg
Gold: Renz Vallejera - Tora Judo Kai
Silver: Peter Miles - Bradley Stoke
Bronze: Jay Magson - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Chris Nicol - Devon Judo Centre

Under 55kg
Gold: Ben Attwood - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Alex Mallin - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Matthew Wheeldon - Bristol Judo
Bronze: Charlie Bright - Patchway Judo Club

Under 60kg
Gold: Oliver Mathers - Kingsley School
Silver: Sam Kessler - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Bailey Grimsted - Tora Judo Kai

Under 65kg
Gold: Matthew Warren - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Reece Peacock - Patchway
Bronze: Aaron Burnham - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Ben Couston - Devon Judo Centre

Over 65kg
Gold: Jack Bond - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Damon Smith - Torquay Judokwai
Bronze: Joseph Wicketts - Kingsley

Youth 14-17 years under 63kg
Gold: Peter Miles - Bradley Stoke
Silver: Renz Vallejera - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Chris Fields - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Jay Magson - Torquay Judokwai

Youth 14-17 years over 63kg
Gold: Ashley Mathias - Bristol Judo
Silver: Jack Bond - Devon Judo
Bronze: Alex Bright - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Jonathan Zabel - Kingsley School


Senior Women Open
Gold: Louise Kirby - Shidokai
Silver: Katie Broom - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Nicola Cartwright - Notts County
Bronze: Judith Ogden - Tora Judo Kai

Men - Low grade low weight
Gold: Adam Penkala - Devon Judo Centre
Silver: Jono Warren - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Kane Herbert - Devon Judo Centre

Men - Low grade high weight
Gold: Andy Baker - Tora Judo Kai
Silver: Mick Keepin - Tora Judo Kai
Bronze: Steve Passmore - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Dan Miller - Tora Judo Kai

Men - Mid grade
Gold: Ross Ashton - Kingsley School
Silver: Mitchel Osbourne - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Graham Evans - Devon Judo Centre
Bronze: Simon Mathers - Kingsley School

Men - High grade open
Gold: Ashley Mathias - Bristol Judo
Silver: Sam Moggeridge - Yate Star
Bronze: Luke Tavener - Patchway Judo Club
Bronze: Richard Bennett - Yate Star

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tora Judo Kai Invitational Competition - Sunday 20th March

Our invitational competition takes place on Sunday and is always a fantastic day.

Any help from members and parents to move mats and chairs around on the Saturday and afterwards will be gratefully accepted. Please let Sensei Judy Maslen know if you can help.
We also need donations for the raffle - please see Sensei Judy Maslen or email

Judo at the Olympics - London 2012

The judo competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London runs from Saturday 28th July to Friday 3rd August. Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 20 for group-stage competition, and a maximum of six for the repechages, finals and medal ceremonies.

We suggest, therefore, that everyone who is interested in going applies for tickets themselves (as a family, or in self-organised groups) in Category C for the session on the morning of TUESDAY 31st JULY 2012, to watch the Men's -81kg and Women's -66kg elimination rounds and quarter finals. Nearer the time we can arrange travelling together as a club by coach or public transport.

Tickets in Category C are £35 for adults, £16 for seniors (aged 60 or over on 27.7.12) and 'pay your age' for young people aged 16 or under (based on their age on 27.7.12).

You need to apply for tickets before 11.59pm on 26th April 2011 via the London 2012 website.

If you have any questions or difficulties please email

You can view the judo schedule by clicking here