Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welsh Age Band Open - Juniors and Seniors

The cadet and juniors were up first on Saturday, where Renz was called up from Tora Judo Kai, where he took the bronze medal showing a better performance than the previous week.  Natasha didn’t perform to her usual standard on Saturday and did not get a medal. However on the Sunday competing in the senior women event Natasha came back fighting where she achieved the bronze medal. Judy was once again there for support and coach, a key member to the team on the weekend and all players would like to thank her. Some good judo was seen on both days and Mark once again refereed at a high standard and received good feedback towards his national referring BJA A grade.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Natasha Maslen gold medal in Scottish Open

Natasha Maslen competed at the Scottish Open in Ravenscraig, Motherwell. After beating two Swedish players and a rival, Natasha took the gold medal in the junior category. Natasha was to fight on the Sunday in the senior category but unfortunately had to pull out due to a previous injury. Matside was Judy Maslen coaching and supporting Natasha.

Plymouth Open - 22-23 October

The same weekend as the Scottish Open, Renz Vallejera was competing a little closer to home at the Plymouth Open. Concentrating on grip work, Renz took the silver medal. With him was Mark Maslen who refereed and coached on the day.
Also competing at this competition was Chloe Robyns-Landricombe from Tora Judo Kai - Lanson judo club. Chloe performed exceptionally well and came home with the gold medal.

Monday, 17 October 2011

British and Commonwealth Judo Champion's Course

Saturday 5th November

11am to 5pm
Scotch Horn Leisure Centre
BS48 1BZ
Bring food fluids and lots of energy

Under 16s minimum donation £5.00, 16 and over minimum donation £10.00

Sensei Samantha Lowe is interrupting her busy training schedule to come to Shidokai dojo and run a one day judo course with something for everyone.

Samantha has had her funding withdrawn through no fault of her own and is having to fund her own life and training in order to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games next year where she is one of our strongest hope for a gold in the judo so the day is a major fundraiser for Sam's fighting fund so we need as many judoka on the mat as possible.

Training times are to be announced.

To book your place e mail

Sunday, 16 October 2011

British Championships - 15 October

Renz Vallejera and Natasha Maslen travelled to Sheffield once again to compete at the 2011 British championships. Renz performed at a very high standard winning two fights by Ippons however he did not medal. Natasha started off convincingly winning the first 2 fights by Ippon taking her into the semi final. Natasha lost this fight to the one who eventually took the gold medal. She bounced back winning her repechage and getting the bronze medal.
At the competition Mark Maslen refereed all weekend. This competition was one of many where he is being assessed for his BJA A refereeing level. Like usual he had positive feedback. Well done to our coach Judy Maslen.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Adults Beginners Course - weeks 2 and 3

We have had two more successful training session at the Adults Beginners Course at Tora Judo Kai with Sensei Judy Maslen. All participants have returned each week to continue their journey of learning the basics of judo. We have progressed to learning two throws - O Soto O Toshi and De Ashi Barai and two holds – Kesa Gatame and Mune Gatame, being able to do the throws and following into the groundwork holds.  The players then had a go at trying the throws on the move and realised that it’s not as easy as it looks! They are all really enthusiastic so we ran the lesson this week for an extra half hour finishing as usual with a game (sorry a judo related activity).  Well done to all of you and see you at the next lesson.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Last minute spaces for the Autumn weekend

There are two caravans available for the Autumn training weekend at Littlesea, Weymouth. The cost is from £119.

See for details

Book directly by calling the holiday park on 01305 774414 (7 days a week) and speaking with either Lisa or Fiona, quoting 'Bushido'

No training at Pill - Friday 14th October

There will be no training session at the Pill Dojo on Friday 14th October because the mats are being taken to Littlesea in Weymouth for the Autumn course. Training will be held as normal on Friday 21st October.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

TJK Low Grade Competition

Thanks to everyone who competed and supported the competitors in today's Tora Judo Kai Low Grade Competition in Portishead.

The results were as follows:

Under 25g Girls:
Gold - Jessica Reeves, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Edith Powell, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Rosie Powell, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Imogen Conway, Patchway Judo Club

Under 25g Boys:
Gold - Jay Akbar, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Bradley Timbrell, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 30kg Girls:
Gold - Tatum Keen, Team Bath
Silver - Lucy England, Patchway Judo Club
Bronze - Lauren Hill, Sea Mills
Bronze - Safira Taplin, Patchway Judo Club

Under 30kg Boys:
Gold - Joseph Andrews, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Tom Frost, Sakura Bana Kwai
Bronze - Brandon Jones, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Quaid Wilson, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 35kg Girls:
Gold - Rowan Hill, Sea Mills
Silver - Becky Akbar, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Charlie Plenty, Patchway Judo Club

Under 35kg Boys:
Gold - Ozzy Gowen, Yate Star
Silver - Lewis Ashton-Farr, Team Bath
Bronze - James Wishart, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Ethan Boland White, Shepton Mallet

Under 40kg Boys:
Gold - Mark Arsac, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Christopher Wynne-Joyce, Renzoku
Bronze - Finlay Norton, Patchway Judo Club
Bronze - Sam Lloyd Hall, Tora Judo Kai

Under 45kg Girls:
Gold - Megan Robinson, Bradley Stoke
Silver - Zoe Okoye, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Eleanor Young, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Tia Janes, Shepton Mallet

Under 45kg Boys:
Gold - Ryan Guest, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Isaac Matthews, Bradley Stoke
Bronze - Ethan Foot, Shepton Mallet
Bronze - Tom Kessler, Tora Judo Kai

Under 50kg Boys:
Gold - James Perry, Shepton Mallet
Silver - Kane Hill, Sea Mills

Under 55kg Boys:
Gold - Charlie Bright, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Connor Hammond, Shidokai

Under 65kg Boys:
Gold - Chris Field, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Harvey Spreckelsen-Brown, Bath Judo Kwai

Senior Women:
Gold - Chloe Robyns-Landricome, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Judith Ogden, Tora Judo Kai

Senior Men:
Gold - Tony Conway, Patchway Judo Club
Silver - Sam Brown, Bath Judo Kwai
Bronze - Robert Pollard, Bradley Stoke