Friday, 28 June 2013

News update from Tora Judo Kai and Yawara Kwai

As we approach the half year mark we thought we would take the opportunity to update you on the direction our group of clubs is taking. You may or may not realise that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep us moving forward as a very successful group.

Did you realise that Tora Judo Kai (judo) & Yawara Kawi (ju-jitsu) is in fact a group of clubs made up of instructors who studied under Sensei Dave Chappell 6th Dan and/or the late Sensei Bob Bridges 7th Dan Judo, 7th Dan Ju-Jitsu.

Tora Judo Kai Crockerne - Sensei Rebecca Maslen, 3.30-5pm juniors 5yrs +, Judo

Tora Judo Kai Abbeywood - Sensei’s Steve Chappell & Ian Llewellin
7-8pm juniors 6-13yrs, 8-9.30pm seniors age 14+, Judo

Tora Judo Kai Oasis – Sempai Lewis Hepburn and Sensei Paul Hepburn
3.30-5.00pm juniors 8-16yrs, Judo

Tora Judo Kai Hanham – Sensei’s Steve Chappell & Ian Llewellin
7-8pm Juniors 6-13 yrs, 7-8.30pm seniors age 14+, Judo

Yawara Kwai Hanham – Sensei Steve Chappell, 8.30-9.30pm seniors 16+,  Ju-Jitsu

Tora Judo Kai Pill – Sensei Judy Maslen
Seniors 14yrs+ 6.30-7.30pm Kata, 7.30-9.00pm, Judo

Tora Judo Kai Pill – Sensei Steve Chappell
7.30-8.30pm juniors 5yrs +, 8.30-9.30pm Seniors 14+, Judo

Tora Judo Kai Lanson – Sensei Caroline Hooker & Sensei Iain Bruce
6.30-7.30pm Juniors 5+ and Seniors, Judo

Yawara Kwai – Kingswood - Sensei Moey Davis, 7.30 – 9.30pm, seniors 16+, Ju-Jitsu

Tora Judo Kai – Kingswood – Sensei Ian Drake, 11.00am – 12.00 noon Juniors 5+, Judo

As a member of Tora Judo Kai you are insured and welcome to train at any of the clubs.
Please consult the website on for more detail. Subscribing using the link on the website is a handy way to keep up to date with the latest information.

The clubs operating under the TJK & YK banner are steered by our hon. President Sensei Dave Chappell and Principals Steve Chappell and Ian Llewellin.

We are fortunate to receive support and guidance from our Patron Sensei Bill Burnside 8th Dan Judo and Shihan Roy Hancock 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu, Judo 5th Dan, Atemi-Jutsu 3rd Dan. We also have the back-up from governing bodies Bushido Budo Kai and the British Judo Association.

At the end of 2012 we decided that we would like to set up a council to look after a core account that would facilitate, organise and fund activities common to all member clubs. These activities would include membership, marketing, fund raising, sponsorship co-ordinating with NGB’s etc.

We are now at the point that we are looking for a representative from each club and officers to sit on the council which will in turn report to the President and Principals.

If you are interested in a council role Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership secretary or being the nominated person to represent your club on the council please can you contact Steve Chappell, Ian Llewellin or Dave Chappell and register your interest.

Other Developments

Rod Wren has taken on a role looking after kit and clothing purchases for the club. He has also set up a company called BudoGi which supplies judo suits and training mats. Purchases of suits from BudoGi will also have the club logo embroidered on it which looks very smart.  Please contact your instructor or Rod  directly for Gi and clothing requirements.

Tora Judo Kai Abbeywood has been set up as the latest TJK Club. It provides an excellent training facility for all club members from with a large training area, sprung floor, air conditioned training hall, dedicated changing rooms, showers and the space to host our own group events and competitions. This is an ideal opportunity for club members to train on an additional night.

In 2009 we held a 1000 throw “Judothon” to help raise funds for new mats for Tora Judo Kai. This was supported by sponsorship from players from Pill and Hanham DoJo’s and businesses from around Bristol. We also received support from an Avon and Somerset Constabulary scheme.

Mats from Pill and Hanham have been moved to Abbeywood to help make the facilities at Abbeywood the best possible for all club members to train at. The good news is brand new matting at Hanham and Pill is being worked on with the help of BudoGi to replace the temporary matting that is at both those sites. This will also help us to independently run our competitions and events without having to rely on borrowing mats from clubs outside of our group.

Yawara Kwai Kingswood is another new session ran under the extremely experienced Sensei Moey Davis. This again offers our members another training session during the week.

We are looking to develop a squad of players to represent Tora Judo Kai at competition. If you feel you would like to do more competition and would like to become a part of the squad, please let your Sensei know so we can start coordinating our efforts.

Judo and Ju-Jitsu grading
Date: Sunday 4th August 2013
Location: St Stephens Infants School, Lansdown Road, Soundwell, Kingswood, BS15 1XD

Timings and costs:

9.30am-11am Juniors, Novice to White +3 - £7.00
11am-1pm Juniors, Yellow and upwards - £7.00
1.30pm-3pm Seniors Kyu Grades £10.00

3pm - 4pm Ju-Jitsu Grading - £10.00

Please note Dan grading in either discipline £15.00. Please hand in up to date licence and pay entry fee before the grading.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to pushing what is already a successful group to the next level.

Yours Sincerely

Sensei Steve Chappell   Sensei Ian Llewellin
Principal – Tora Judo Kai Principal – Tora Judo Kai
Mob. 07920157348 Mob.07836619600

Monday, 24 June 2013

Tora Judo Kai Appoints Budogi as Official Kit Suppliers

Sensei Steve Chappell announced today that Budogi have been appointed as official suppliers for judo gis to Tora Judo Kai.

Club members benefit from substantial discounts on Budogi’s retail prices, plus the club benefits from the sales.  There are 4 styles suited from beginners to international competitors, with sizes ranging from 100 to 200 cm.

Club gis come with the TJK and BBK logos already embroidered, negating the need to sew on patches.  They can be ordered with through your club, or online at the Budogi website

Check out the Budogi Facebook page as well

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Coaching Education Programme - Coaching Kata with Sensei Steve Chappell

Saturday 14th July at Ronindo Budo Kai, King Edward IV Community College, Totnes

British Judo would like to offer you the opportunity to revalidate your coach award through
participating in our innovatively delivered coaching and player focused Nage-no-Kata and an
Introduction to Isutsu No Kata.
Traditionally kata has been delivered from the personal learning point of view; this course will look
at the history of kata and how to coach it.

Venue: Ronindo Budo Kai
King Edward IV Community College, Totnes, TQ9 5JX
Coaches: Steve Chappell
Date: Saturday 14/07/2013
Session: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm (book-in 9.30 am)
Cost: £15.00

Specific revalidation course suitable for all Coaches

Prior registration is required, please complete entry form - places are limited. Click here to download an entry form. 

For further information please contact, Sandra Klinger , BJA Technical Officer - e-mail: or call mobile: 07854215654