Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tora Judo Kai / Sakura Bana Kwai Low Grades Competiton

Congratulations to everyone who fought in today's competition, and thank you to all the officials and referees, coaches and parents.

The results were as follows:

Under 25kg
Gold - Callum McMurray, Kingsley School Judo Club
Silver - Finley Glaister, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Grace McQuillam, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Minh Le, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 30kg

Gold - Avia Mitchell, Kingsley School Judo Club
Silver - Jersey Ledger, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Amie McMurray, Kingsley School Judo Club

Gold - Zach McMurray, Kingsley School Judo Club
Silver - Ruben Stacey, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Max Williamson, Tora Judo Kai

Under 40kg

Gold - Kitty Lavelle, Kingsley School Judo Club
Silver - Felicity Barkley, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Freya Day, Trowbridge Budokwai
Bronze - Jo Bradley, Tora Judo Kai

Gold - William Purcell, Trowbridge Budokwai
Silver - Angus Purcell, Trowbridge Budokwai
Bronze - Oliver McQuillam, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Ethan Hill, Trowbridge Budokwai

Under 45kg

Gold - Samir Ait-Kaci, Bath Judo Kwai
Silver - Joshua Steer, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Bradley Hams, Sakura Bana Kwai

Under 50kg

Gold - Gabrielle Sawyer-Parker, Sakura Bana Kwai
Silver - Lemonie Georgiou, Sakura Bana Kwai
Bronze - Connie Riddler, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Bethany Wyle, Sakura Bana Kwai

Gold - Oliver Avieson, Willow Judo Club
Silver - Ben Taylor, Kiriyoku Judo Club

Under 55kg

Gold - Jamie Steer, Kingsley School
Silver - Ethan Short, Sakura Bana Kwai

Gold - James Bowell, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Jack Angell, Shodan Judo Club

Senior Men

Medium Weight
Gold - Matthew Roberts, Devon Judo Centres
Silver - Grant Glaister, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Paul Williams, Kingsley School Judo Club

Heavy Weight
Gold - Matt Lovegrove, Devon Judo Centres
Silver - Bradleigh Kerrigan, Devon Judo Centres
Bronze - Jack Penhaligon, Tora Judo Kai

Men's Open
Gold - Matthew Roberts, Devon Judo Centres
Silver - Matt Lovegrove, Devon Judo Centres
Bronze - Grant Glaister, Kingsley School Judo Club
Bronze - Bradleigh Kerrigan, Devon Judo Centres

Senior Women
Gold - Judith Ogden, Tora Judo Kai
Silver - Jasmine Smart, Tora Judo Kai
Bronze - Millie Ashdown, Sakura Bana Kwai

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tora Judo Kai Grading

The grading will take place on Sunday 7th December at the Pill Dojo (St John Ambulance Hall, The Poplars, Easton in Gordano BS20 0DH).

Judo Juniors Novice – Orange + 3
Registration:     9.30-10am
(Please be ready to get onto the mat at 10am sharp)

Judo Junior Green and above and all Seniors
Registration:     11.30 -12 noon
(Please be ready to get onto the mat at 12 noon)

Ju-Jitsu all grades
Registration:     1.30-2.00pm
(Please be ready to get onto the mat at 2.00pm)

Junior Grades:   £7.50
Senior Grades:   £10.50
Dan Grading:      £20.00
BJA Ratification where required £10.00

Membership Books and Grading Records:
Please ensure all Tora Judo Kai membership is up to date and paid before the grading, and that membership books are brought with grading candidates. No Grading Book = No Grading!

Please confirm names of those attending to Sensei Steve Chappell no later than Saturday 29th November along with a note of current grade, age and grading Fee.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

No judo at Pill this Friday

Please note that there is no Judo at Pill Dojo this Friday (24th October) as the Aikido club have the hall booked for a course.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Photos from Tora Judo Kai Interclub competition

Photos from Tora Judo Kai's Interclub competition, taken by Aaron Llewellin, are available via his website, Admiral Photography. Please visit the site for details

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Competition results - 20 September 2014

Well done to everyone who took part in the competition and thank you to all the officials. The results were:

Junior Heavyweight
Gold - Callum Hawkins
Silver - Connie Riddler
Bronze - Ried Collins
Bronze - Joao Kidd
Bronze - Miya Distelfano

Junior U33kg
Gold- Tom Williamson
Silver - Kayleigh Williamson
Bronze - Savannah McNamara

Junior U28kg
Gold - Jonny Distelfano
Silver - Sebastian Liebenberg
Bronze - Max Williamson
Bronze - Sam Fry

Junior U25kg
Gold - Eric Williams
Silver - Reece Stacey
Bronze - Sam Chappell
Bronze - Tom Chappell
Bronze - Emily Williamson

Gold - Finley Drake
Silver - Kieran Williamson
Bronze - Sophie McCallum
Bronze - Dante Vlad

Gold - Iain Bruce
Silver - Connor Thomas
Bronze - Jack Penhaligan
Bronze - Aaron Llewellin
Bronze - Jamie Judd

Friday, 1 August 2014

Grading results

Congratulations to everyone who graded at Lanson Judo Club. The results were:

Jack Penhaligan, senior, 5th kyu to 3rd kyu
Andy Rocky, senior, 5th kyu to 4th kyu
Sam Lloyd-Hall, junior, 5th + 1orange to 4th kyu
Oscar Sims, junior, 6th kyu + 1 orange to 6th kyu + 1 brown 
Chloe Rocky, junior, 6th kyu + 1 red to 6th kyu + 2 red
Ella Gunn, junior, 6th kuy + 1 red to 6th kyu +2 red

Holly Rocky, junior, 6th kyu to 6th kyu + 2 red

Monday, 14 July 2014

Grading results - Sunday 13 July

Well done to everyone who took part in the Tora Judo Kai / Yawara Kwai Grading on Sunday 13 July at the Hanham Dojo, and thank you to all the officials and helpers.

The results of the grading are as follows:

Grade at Start
Grade at Finish
Marley Forbes
White + 2Y
Soul Walker
White + 1Y
Kayleigh Williamson
White +1Y
Tom Williamson
White +1Y
Kirsty Soaper
White +2Y
Chloe Hepburn
White + 1Y
Jo Bradley
White +2Y
Sam Fry
Primary + 4 Mon
White + 2Y
Freddy Sperring
Primary + 5 Mon
White + 2Y
Jonny Destelfano
Primary Black Mon
Leila Destelfano
Primary Black Mon

Dante Vlad
White +1Y
White + 3Y
Reid Collins
White + 2Y
Max Williamson
White +2Y
Alfie Turner
White +2Y
Kieran Williamson
White +3Y
Yellow +1O
Finley Green
White + 2Y
White +3Y
Joel Kidd
White + 2Y
White + 3Y
Ben Jefferies
White +3Y
Jack Drake
White +3Y
Yellow + 1O

Connie Riddler
Yellow +2O
Stefan Plaw
Yellow +2O
Tom Drake
Yellow +2O
Callum Hawkins
Yellow + 3O
Cameron Hendy
Yellow + 3O
Sophie McAllen
Yellow + 2O
Miya Destelfano
Yellow +2O

Tristan Wren
Orange + 3G
Tom Kessler
Orange +3G
Green +2B
Sam Kessler
Jamie Judd
Orange +2G
Alex Bowell
James Bowell
Finlay Drake
Orange +1G
Orange +3G

Ju- Jitsu

Leeza Matthew
Ian Brandon
John Stringer
James Maslen
White Yellow

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

No judo at Hanham or Pill this week

Please note that there is no judo at Hanham on Wednesday 4 June, or at Pill on Thursday 5 June.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bushido Budo Kai Spring Camp 2014

The BBK Spring Camp was held at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Camp in Devon from 3rd to the 5th May.

The course enabled participants to receive instruction from some of the best traditional Japanese martial arts coaches in the country.

Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Karate, Weapons and a Goshin Jutsu Kata course were all on the agenda.

It was a lively and well attended course with all participants throwing their heart and soul into the training on offer.

Lauren Sole from Yawara Kwai was awarded the prize as the Junior who most represented the spirit of the course. Richard Blackwell from White Horse Budo was awarded the senior recognition.

Ian Llewellin was awarded his 4th Dan Judo at the end of the course and James Doubleday received a certificate for being awarded his 1st Dan in Ju-Jitsu earlier in the year.

The course would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the instructors, students and families who attended and supported this fantastic course.

Special recognition must however go to Anne Barnes who was on hand throughout to cover First Aid, Welfare and Admin. Judith Ogden must also be applauded for giving the course its flair and image designing the advertising, supporting booklet and web based information.

Please keep your eye out for notification of further courses and camps throughout 2014 and we look forward to advertising next year’s course in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter holidays at Pill and Abbeywood

There is training at Abbeywood and Pill as usual up until Good Friday, including Thursday 17th April. There is no training at Pill on Good Friday (18th April), and no training at Abbeywood on Easter Monday (21st April).

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

No judo at Pill - Friday 28 March

There is no judo at Pill this Friday. However, everyone is welcome to come to Thursday's training session at Pill at 7.30pm.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tora Judo Kai Closed Competition - results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in today's Tora Judo Kai Closed Competition at Hanham Dojo, and to the referees and officials for helping to run it.

Here are the results:

Under 20kg - Boys
Gold - Alex Hepburn
Silver - Samuel Chappell
Bronze - Thomas Chappell

Under 30kg - Girls
Gold - Chloe Hepburn
Silver - Savannah McNamara
Bronze - Sienna Dinardo, Ella Gun

Under 30kg - Boys
Gold - Tom Gardiner
Silver - Sebastian Liebenberg
Bronze - Max Williamson, Daniel Lukasik, Mikey Roynan

Under 40kg - Boys
Gold - Joao Kidd
Silver - Reid Collings
Bronze - Dante Vlad, Finlay Green

Under 45kg - Girls
Gold - Miya Distelfano
Silver - Connie Ridler
Bronze - Sophie McCallum, Kirsty Soper, Domenika Lukasik

Under 45kg - Boys
Gold - Finn Drake
Silver - Kieran Williamson
Bronze - Alfie Turner, Thomas Drake

Gold - Connor Thomas
Silver - Jack Penhaligon
Bronze - Aaron Llewellin, Connor Drake

Gold - Ben Sarkka
Silver - Jack Lukasik
Bronze - Andy Rockey, Jack Penhaligon

Friday, 14 February 2014

Spring Martial Arts Weekend - 3rd to 5th May

3rd, 4th and 5th May 2014
Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park, Woolacombe, North Devon

Once again, Bushido Budo Kai is proud to host the Spring Martial Arts Course at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park.

The last couple of years have been huge success, with sessions run by many top instructors and attendance filling our mat area completely. We therefore encourage you to book your place as early as possible… numbers for training will be limited!

Our aim this year is to run an equally successful and enjoyable event and we would love for you and your students to be a part of it. The actual content will be dependent upon those who come and the arts they practice but it will involve a variety of disciplines including Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate and Aikido.

To help us to plan as quickly as we can it is important that we have course fees and booking forms in as soon as possible. Your help in coordinating this is appreciated and if you can give estimates of numbers sooner, then we would be grateful.

Both children and adults will have an opportunity to practice a variety of Martial Arts under the instruction of well qualified coaches over the weekend.

Practice your own art and maybe try something new, it’s up to you!

Kids, bring Mum or Dad and get them to try as well! We will have a range of activities for all levels and abilities.

Each evening entertainment will be provided by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park, including a selection from comedians to vocalists

You will be able to book accommodation through us at a Discount in a variety of caravans, or organise your own locally on campsites or in B&B’s or hotels

Information about accommodation can be found online by visiting

We have a limited number of caravans reserved for the weekend but please note that availability is limited, so book soon!


A variety of accommodation has already been reserved by us, available for the weekend or for an additional cost, the whole week if you wish to extend your stay. We are unable to reserve more as the camp is already fully booked.

Caravans vary in grade and have either 2 or 3 bedrooms, with further sleeping available in the lounge areas in some. Further information on the types of caravan available can be viewed at

It is encouraged that bookings are made with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please see the information sheet for for details

Should you decide to make your own arrangements to stay elsewhere, there are a variety of hotels and B&B’s in the area but once again early booking is encouraged.


Last year’s course was a great success and we hope as many people as possible are able to join us again this year, as such training fees for BBK members and those who trained with us last year will qualify for Member rates.

If you are new to one of our courses then you will be charged at non-member rates to help cover the additional costs of insurance

Children and Youths (up to and including 17)

Members: £25
Non-Members : £30

Adults (aged 18 plus)

Members: £35
Non-Members: £40

Discounts are available where more than two people from a family are attending. In this case adults are counted first with the 3rd and subsequent persons receiving a 25% reduction on the above costs.

You only need to pay these fees if you intend on training with us during the weekend.  Spectators are free!

To confirm your space on the course please provide a cheque or postal order payable to 'Bushido Budo Kai' along with the entry form by no later than  21st March 2014

General Information

Accommodation is limited so please book early
Full course training fees plus 10% of the accommodation costs are due at the time of booking
Accommodation can be reserved by telephone and will be held until the deposit is paid up to a maximum of 7 days
All training fees must be paid by 21st March 2014
All final payments must be made in cleared funds by 21st March 2014
Prices quoted are per accommodation and not per person
You may check in to the accommodation after 3pm on Friday
Checking out is required by 10am on the day of departure
Any damages caused during your stay must be reported and paid for directly to the camp
Please complete booking forms completely and legibly to help us with the administration. Email addresses help us to communicate quickly and effectively!
Cheques must be payable to “Bushido Budo Kai”
Payment online by arrangement
Full rules applicable to the course itself will be available soon

Contact Details
Bushido Budo Kai
4 Admiral Close
BS16 1WN

If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Phone: 07836 619600 (Ian Llewellin) or 07920 157348 (Steve Chappell)

Email: (Please write “Bushido” in the subject box)


Bushido Budo Kai martial arts course - report

On 1st and 2nd February Bushido Budo Kai held a weekend Martial Arts course hosted by Komura Kawi at their DoJo in Sonning Common near Reading.

Saturday concentrated on unarmed martial arts with senior instructors from around the group taking it in turns to look at similar techniques across different arts.

In the evening we took the opportunity to get together at the Spice Oven in Caversham to swap war stories from a tough but enjoyable days training over an nice meal and a few drinks.

Sunday's training concentrated on armed martial arts looking at Jo, Ken and Yawara Bo techniques. We finished the day's training with an excellent Sword Kata demonstration by newly promoted Dan Grade James Doubleday from Yawara Kwai Redditch.

Our Patron Sensei Bill Burnside 8th Dan Judo with his wife Hilda were present on Sunday to witness the day’s action. Sensei Bill Burnside had a surprise in store and awarded Sensei Steve Chappell his 5th Dan Judo in recognition for a huge body of work, a comprehensive competitive record, kata portfolio and dedication to training and coaching.

A presentation was also made to Sensei Neil Andrew of his certification from the association for 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate following en extremely tough grading at the end of 2013.

Monday, 10 February 2014

No judo at Pill this Friday (14 February)

There is no judo at Pill this Friday (14th February) because the Aikido group that shares the hall has a guest instructor visiting. If you'd like to train instead at one of our other dojos then please have a look at the website for details of the various sessions on offer.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year club opening dates

Our of our clubs will re-open after Christmas in early January. Details of each club are listed below.

Abbeywood - Monday evenings
7-8pm juniors 6-13yrs, 8-9.30pm seniors age 14+, Judo
First session of 2014 will be held on Monday 6th January 2014

Tora Judo Kai Oasis – Tuesdays
3.30-5.00pm juniors 8-16yrs, Judo
First session of 2014 will be held on Tuesday 7th January 2014

Tora Judo Kai Hanham and Yawara Kwai Hanham – Wednesday evenings
TJK: 7-8pm Juniors 6-13 yrs, 7-8.30pm seniors age 14+, Judo
Yawara Kwai Hanham: 8.30-9.30pm seniors 16+, Ju-Jitsu
First session of 2014 will be held on Wednesday 8th January 2014

Tora Judo Kai Pill – Thursday evenings
Seniors 14yrs+ 7.30-9.00pm, Judo
First session of 2014 will be held on Thursday 9th January 2014

Tora Judo Kai Pill – Friday evenings
7.30-8.30pm juniors 5yrs +, 8.30-9.30pm Seniors 14+, Judo
First session of 2014 will be held on Friday 10th January 2014

Tora Judo Kai Lanson – Friday evenings
6.30-7.30pm Juniors 5+ and Seniors, Judo
Please Contact Sensei Caroline for details of New Year opening

Yawara Kwai – Kingswood - Friday evenings
7.30 – 9.30pm, seniors 16+, Ju-Jitsu
First session of 2014 will be held on Friday 3rd January

Tora Judo Kai – Kingswood – Saturday mornings
10.30 – 12.30pm noon Juniors 5+, Judo
First session of 2014 will be held on Saturday 4th January

As a member of Tora Judo Kai you are insured and welcome to train at any of the clubs.