Monday, 25 July 2011

Clive Taylor Open Kata Championship

Steve Chappell and Paul Hepburn entered the Annual Clive Taylor Open Kata Championship at Samurai Judo Club in Kidderminster on Sunday 24th July. They achieved Gold Medals in the Katame no Kata and Nage no Kata sections. Great feedback was received from the examiners with the encouragement that they should be aiming for a medal placement at the British Kata Championships in September.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Changes at TJK Kingswood

Work is being done on the St Stephens Infants Hall in Kingswood. Saturday classes will temporarily move to the Hanham Dojo on the following dates:-

Hanham DoJo - Small Hall
John Wesley Memorial Church Hall
Bryant's Hill

23rd July
30th July
6th Aug
13th Aug
20th Aug
27th Aug
3rd Sept

11am - 12 noon Judo
12 noon - 1pm Ju-Jitsu

The times will become the permanent times for the club moving forward.

Monday, 11 July 2011

West of England Open

The day after the teams, Natasha Maslen and Renz Vallerja competed at the West of England Youth and Senior Open. Natasha won her two fights giving her the gold medal in the seniors also getting some senior ranking points. Renz won two and lost two placing him in fifth. Well done to both once again.

Mark Maslen refereed again. The day before he was in Sheffield where he had an oral test where he got 20 out of 20 and to top this he was told by a senior referee that he was above average. At the West of England he showed everyone, again, that he is an amazing referee and proved that he is ready to go for his national refereeing level.

Tora Judo Kai grading results

Congratulations to everyone who graded successfully on Sunday 10th July. The new grades are as follows:

Blue Belt (2nd Kyu):
Micheal Keepin
Dave Wheeler
Andy Baker

Orange Belt (4th Kyu):
Gary Williams

Yellow Belt (5th Kyu):
Jordan Cox

White Belt (6th Kyu):
Dravan Powe

Adam  Braden: Yellow belt
Michael Keepin: Green belt

Bailey Grimstead: Yellow
Emily Bell: White + 2 tabs
Howard Carn: Yellow
Miles Carn: Yellow
Martha Harris: White + 2 tabs
Daisy Player: White + 3 tabs
Becky Akbar: White + 3 tabs
Matthew Wise: Yellow
Liam Brailsford: Orange
Faith Byrne: Orange
Ben Ellard: Orange
Stephanie Grandon: Orange
Sam Kessler: Orange
Tom Kessler: Yellow + 2 tabs
Jack Keepin: Orange
Tom Eden Bull: Orange
Aaron Llewellin: Orange + 2 tabs
Rebecca Dawrant: Orange + 2 tabs

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Competition news

Bedminster Youth and Seniors
On the 3rd of July there was another competition at Bedminster Judo Club. Natasha Maslen did a brilliant job as head referee whilst Rebecca Maslen fought in the youths gaining a gold medal.

The National Team Championships
Renz Vallejera, Natasha Maslen and Rebecca Maslen travelled to Sheffield as part of the West of Area team. Renz was selected out of many to be reserve for the Under 50 junior boys team. Rebecca was selected to fight in the Under 63 junior girls team with Natasha in Under 70s. The western area junior boys team came back with a bronze medal and so did the junior girls team.  Judy Maslen was there with the other Western Area coaching team, coaching and supporting all of the players. Well done to all of them for being selected and contributing to the great team spirit.