Monday, 26 September 2011

Tora Judo Kai Adult Beginners' Course

Thursday 22nd September saw the start of a 10 week Adult Beginners Course held at Tora Judo Kai's Pill Dojo. This was part a British Judo Association backed initiative to encourage adults to start the martial art and Olympic Sport. Eight brave new beginners signed up to start the course. The session was ran by Sensei's Steve Chappell, Judy and Natasha Maslen. The New Judoka were introduced to fundamental skills of judo including breakfalling, balance and posture. The throwing technique of O-Soto-O-Toshi was practiced as an aid to help with the introduction of breakfalls. We ended the session with fun game activities related to the techniques from the class.

Coaches and students alike left the mat with a smile on their faces vowing to return for the next session the following week.

We will keep you updated with their progress as they work towards a Red belt grading at the conclusion of the course.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Natasha Maslen - Bath University

Natasha Maslen goes to Bath University next week to study Sports Performance. There she will be training full time with advanced Judo players and high performance coaches. We will miss her at club training sessions but look forward to the skills and techniques she can bring back with her from her studies.
Best of luck from everyone at Tora Judo Kai with this fantastic opportunity.

Sunday 18th September - British National Kata Championships 2011

Sensei Paul Hepburn and Sensei Steve Chappell competed at the British National Kata Competition 2011 at Kendal Judo Centre in Cumbria. They return from the Event with Bronze Medals in Katame No Kata (formal ground based grappling techniques) and as Gold Medallists and National Champions in Nage No Kata (formal throwing techniques).

Welsh Closed Championships

Mark Maslen was busy officiating in Wales, refereeing at the Welsh Closed. As usual, Mark refereed at a very high standard whilst representing his club.

BJA Grading

Rebecca Maslen entered a BJA Grading at High Wycombe, Judo Centre. Despite injury, she managed to gain 20 points towards her BJA Second Dan leaving her with only 60 points to go. Sensei Judy Maslen supported and lent her expertise to officiate on the table.

England Squad Training - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September

Two members of Tora Judo Kai attended England Squad training in Walsall over the weekend. Natasha Maslen (Saturday) and Renz Vallerja (Sunday) worked hard and earned compliments from the England Squad coaches for ability and dedication.

Saturday 17th September - Preparation 4 Performance (P4P) Workshop

Renz Vallerja and Sam Kessler attended the fourth Preparation 4 Performance (P4P) at Ashton Park School where they worked very hard learning from the BJA Western Area Technical Advisor and ex- German National coach, Sandra Klinger.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Heart of England competition – 10th/11th September

It was another busy weekend at Walsall Campus where the first big competition of the year started. On the Saturday, Renz Vallerja competed in the boys C band in the under 55 category where there were a total of 24 competitors. Renz won 1 fight and lost 2 fights placing him in seventh place.
On the Sunday Natasha Maslen was competing in the girls D band in the under 70 category where there were a total of 12 competitors which is a big group for girls. Natasha won 3 fights and lost won. Despite Natasha being unwell, she was able to beat a rival for the first time. Natasha gained the bronze medal. Due to her being ill the week before, Natasha pulled out of the senior category.  Well done to both Renz and Natasha who, as always, showed their skill of a high standard.
All weekend Mark Maslen was there refereeing from 8am  until 7.30pm, which is a very long day to be refereeing. Like our competitors, Mark showed off his high skill at what he does and shows that Tora Judo Kai has competitors and officials. Well done Mark. 
On behalf of the players, I would like to thank Sensei Judy Maslen who coached and supported all our players the entire weekend.